King’s Ascent

King’s Ascent is a Flash platformer made by the Aqualuft team! In this game, a King flees upwards through floating castles while using platforms to slay a series of beasts. To play, click here or on the image below.

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Arrows and escape can be used to skip cutscenes if you’re impatient. The King can be controlled with the WASD or arrow keys. Spacebar or up-arrow are used to jump. The longer you hold the jump button, the higher you jump. Volume is adjusted with + and – in the upper right of most keyboards.

Our credits song was performed by Debs and Errol and can be found here:

All feedback is welcome!


Rosstin Murphy – Producer, Level Design, Programming
Sharon Hoosein – Boss Art, Character Art, and Original Design
Andrew Head – Lead Programming, Engine, and Music
Meagan Trott – Boss Design, Background Art, and Level Art
Matthew Glisson – Story and Dialogue
Carolyn McGraw – Cutscene Art and Stained Glass
Alexander Moser – Sound Effects and Music
Trevor McQueen – Voice acting
Lauren Boyle – Voice Acting


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